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Professional Credit without Online Contribution and Bank Rate

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Banks are increasingly reluctant to give professional credit. Since the beginning of the financial crisis, all sectors seem affected by this situation and even more individual businesses (craftsmen, traders, professionals) as well as small companies . We also see many online brokers who today refuse to support requests from entrepreneurs who do not have at […]

Prepare A Rental Property Project or For Your Principal Residence

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The different steps to make a success of your investment Realizing a real estate project, be it a main residence , a second home or a rental investment is an important event in the construction of its heritage. The time you devote to preparing a coherent real estate project and the attention you pay to […]

Calculation and Definition of Payday Loan

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Definition The overall effective rate first responds to the legislator’s desire to protect the borrower. It is mandatory and must be included in the prior offer . It includes all the costs that go into the calculation of the cost , ie the nominal rate, the insurance, the guarantee costs and the fees. Namely: the […]

Summary of Real Estate Taxation

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The multiplicity and complexity of tax provisions applicable to real estate sometimes sow confusion in the minds of investors and ends up making real estate less attractive. A good knowledge of real estate taxation remains today the safest way to optimize your investment. This file takes stock of the various measures affecting real estate assets […]

Borrowing Capacity: Calculation and Simulation

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The use of the calculator makes it possible to simulate very quickly its borrowing capacity according to its annual net income and its monthly expenses . You must also indicate the chosen duration and the interest rate. In general, the lender is based on a debt ratio of 33% to determine the borrowing capacity of […]

Refuse a Mortgage Payday Offer

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  What does the SCRIVENER Act say?   The SCRIVENER law of January 1978 imposes on the lender a particularly strict formalist. The latter must formulate his proposal in a written offer and send it by registered mail to the borrowers and any guarantors (Article L312-7 of the Consumer Code). On the other hand, it […]